Welcome To Diverse Residual Income!


This blog is created to share ways to create passive income sources that in turn can relieve you from any financial burden.

DRI is for people who are looking for an answer to financial problems and/or people who are simply looking to expand their income and spending habits.

Our mission, is to show you how you can create those income sources that will make your life easier.

While you’ll be reading our articles and learning more about passive income, we challenge you to experiment with different concepts.

The DRI way of life, is to create enough residual income sources that will cover every expense you have, allowing you to live without any financial worries.

Passive income generating sources will allow you to continue making money when you’d like to go on vacation, are in the hospital or simply would like to take a break from life, without loosing your income.

Unlike a regular job, where you would stop earning income if you were to be in any of the previous mentioned scenarios.

Have fun, and feel free to comment with questions on any of the articles.

Peter C.