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8 Things You Can Sell For Extra Cash

If you were to create an inventory along with a price tag of everything you have in your house, you would be blown away by how much money you have spent and now have in your possession in the form of “stuff”.

Some of that stuff you need on a daily basis, while other stuff is only for a special occasion. And then you have the stuff you just absolutely never use.

Maybe you just don’t like it anymore, or you’re just done with it. No matter what, we all have items in our house we don’t use and could sell for extra cash.

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Let’s have a look at 12 items we generally have laying around in our house and don’t use, which we could now sell for extra cash!

1. Books

Books can be an easy sell. You have the opportunity to resell them to a store, list them on craigslist or eBay or simply sell them to a friend.

Maybe someone is looking for old/used children books and you happen to have some laying around which you or your child don’t use anymore.

2. Clothes

My mother used to sell my old clothes I grew out off on a market and often came back with almost $100 each weekend.

I know I myself change clothes quite often, and even though I donate the ones I don’t use anymore, I often go to a buy back store and have gotten back up to $50 per visit, each time selling a couple of t-shirts and pants.

3. Furniture

People sell furniture all the time. I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles, I spent most of my first few days browsing on Craigslist to find cheap furniture.

Even though your mostly stuck selling your furniture at a lower price then you bought it for, you can usually still get back a good amount of cash for furniture that’s still in good shape.

I’ve seen people sell/buy used tables and chairs on Craigslist for over $100.

Nowadays I see more and more people sell their furniture in community Facebook groups, mostly where students or people who live in the same town/city are part of.

4. DVD’s

Even though I consider dvd’s to be outdated, there are still a bunch of people out there who purchase them.

If you happen to have a bunch of movies or concerts laying around, you may want to list them on eBay and maybe someone might snatch them from you.

5. Game Consoles

There are bunch of people who collect old game consoles.

Don’t think that your old Game Boy or Playstation isn’t worth anything. Usually those items sell for a lot of money and you may want to do your research before you put a price on them.

Don’t forget to list your games as well!

6. Board Games 

Some vintage board games have sold for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Definitely check and research the value of your board game before you list and price it!

7. Barbie Dolls

Some Barbie dolls can sell for thousands of dollars depending on the manufacturing date.

8. Old Electronics

Some old electronics get sold for a ton of money and are very popular on eBay.

Do some research on eBay and check out other people’s prices who are selling old electronics.

On top of these items, you have so much more valuable stuff in your home you don’t even know about.

If you happen to have trouble listing and pricing your item at a good price, do some research and see how much other people are selling that specific item for. Don’t base your judgement on one find, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know the correct value of things.

Good luck!

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