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5 Ways To Save $200/Month Extra

What if you could save money by just changing a few things? I’d say it’s worth a shot.

In general people aren’t always fond of big changes, so if you could save money by making some small changes I’d definitely give it a try.

Let’s have a look at 7 little changes that could save you around $200 per month!

5 Ways To Save $200/Month Extra

1. Ride A Bike To Work

Ok this isn’t a “small change”, but it’s good for you and you save money spending on gas and your car in general.

2. Make Dinner At Home Instead Of Eating Out

Eating out less will probably reduce you expenses the most. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you spend while you go out and eat compared to the price you pay for groceries and cooking at home.

3. Don’t Go Out That Often

Ask yourself if you really have to go out every weekend with your friends. Do you really have to watch that latest movie?

Try cutting back on the amount of nights you go out and you could end up saving a good amount!

4. Try Eating Less Meat

You don’t have to go full vegetarian, because that would be a BIG change. We’re talking about little changes here.

Meat cost money, and sometimes it could be cheaper to make a nice pasta salad or just have a dish without meat.

5. Try Drinking More Water

Water is cheap, and it can fill you up. It can’t prevent you from being hungry, but it can act as a substitute for snacking or eating cookies that do cost money.

There you go. 7 Simple little changes you could make to save a good amount of money every month.

Not all changes are easy, but may be worth experimenting with!

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